Katherine – Lawyer, late 30′s (Infertility/IVF, Back pain, Asthma)
Kelly has assisted me in resolving various health problems not solved with western medicine, including asthma, back problems and fertility problems. Kelly is extremely friendly. During IVF treatment, She was very knowledgable about IVF and able to advise ways to maximise the effects of treatment and fitted sessions in to do this. I am pleased to say that I fell pregnant with twins on the first round of treatment, something Kelly was right in predicting! Since the birth, she has been successful in helping my stomach contract and lessen my stretchmarks. She has also been successful in treating shoulder pain – in just a few sessions – something that osteopaths haven’t been able to fix in the last 4 years! More generally, the whole experience is very relaxing – I came out feeling de-stressed and rejuvenated! I would (and have done so) strongly recommend Kelly and acupuncture in general.

Stephanie – Business consultant, late 30’s (Infertility, stress)
I started seeing Kelly a year ago, having been trying for a baby for over two years and having had as many miscarriages in that time. Kelly immediately went out of her way to accommodate me and was very kind and extremely insightful. After a very efficient assessment she started to treat me for stress and worked towards balancing my hormones through the use of acupuncture and herbs. The results were visible straight away, I became much more relaxed and effective at work and the amount of restful sleep I was getting improved dramatically. Most importantly I am very happy to say that I am expecting my first child in two months’ time! Since I have fallen pregnant Kelly has continued to support me with genuine care and attentiveness, keeping nausea, tiredness, sciatica and back pains at bay and has shared my joy at soon becoming a mum! Kelly’s knowledge, skill and kindness have brought me to a very happy place in my life and I am extremely grateful to her, I would recommend her to anyone!

Shreya – Recruitment Consultant 20’s (Eczema, Stress)
When I first came to see Kelly, I was covered in eczema from head to toe, I wasn’t sleeping properly and I was constantly itchy and not able to tolerate a lot of foods without flaring up. A few months later and I now feel like I have my life back, the eczema is 90% gone so far, I’m sleeping really well and I feel so much less stressed. Definitely recommend going to see Kelly if you have any eczema issues, she’s been amazing and I can’t wait to have normal skin again!

Roxi – Singer 30’s (Unexplained allergy attack on the face, Low energy)
I was receiving for an unexplained allergy attack that made my face red, swollen, itching and burning, affecting my confidence hugely. A friend who’d experienced wondrous results in treating trapped tendons recommended me to Kelly.

Begin of 1st Session   2nd session   End Result

In my profession my face is my calling card!  The conventional NHS treatment didn’t work strongly enough to restore my looks and the steroids affected my breathing. Kelly detected my ailments on first examination and worked out a course of action specific to me – combining acupuncture, natural creams and a herbal tea. Only 3 weeks into treatment and not only did my skin look great but my energy levels were returning and general well being on the up!
I’ve enclosed pictures of my face under attack and a picture of my face as normal.
I would strongly recommend a consultation with Kelly. She tailor-makes her treatments per individual whatever your ailment! based on a thorough initial assessment。”Thank you Kelly”

Jenny –  Teacher late 50′s (Stroke, Hair loss, Face lift)
I went to see Kelly recently, following a stroke 10 years ago. Within one week she had stopped my toes curling and greatly improved my balance. She went on to raise my energy levels to what they were 10 years ago. My other complaint was that after all those years of taking medication, my hair had thinned considerably. I stopped taking one particular pill and Kelly’s treatment triggered the regrowth. I am now anticipating a healthy, full head of hair. A return at last, to where I was all those years ago. Kelly also treated my face with cupping, which has tightened the skin on my neck and cheeks – making me look younger. A bonus!

Damian – IT Professional mid 30′s(Nervous System problems, auto immune conditions, mobility problems, stress, anxiety)
I have been suffering from stress and increasingly worsening nervous system problems for several years. I received some help from Western Medicine, but they said there was no cure for the root causes of my problems.
I have been receiving acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment from Kelly for the last year. She is actually able to address the root causes of my problems, and is the most skilful acupuncturist I have ever encountered.
With Kelly’s help I am on the road to recovery. I would recommend her to anyone suffering from medical problems.
Thank you Kelly.

Louise – Teacher late 20′s(IBS, Diarrhoea, Lethargy, Tiredness, Sore throats)
The acupuncture treatment I received from Kelly and its results far surpassed what I could have ever thought – I became almost instantly calmer and stronger which helped me to face many other issues that I had been harbouring away. The nervous diarrhoea and irritable bowel I had suffered from for almost 10 years disappeared, the tiredness and lethargy that had made me feel miserable and insecure vanished and the constant sore throats that had made my job difficult were no longer. I am also grateful that the rash on my skin has also gone!
Being free from these problems changed my life and has led me into a deeper understanding of my own body. I thank you for that.

Neil – Property developer, early 40′s (Stop smoking)
I saw Kelly Sun on three separate occassions in order to give up smoking. She treated me with acupuncture. At the time I was smoking 40 cigarettes a day. I had previously tried hypnotherapy and two day courses but to no avail. After the three sessions I was able to give up smoking. Acupuncture made the first week of giving up stress free by removing any cravings. I would have no hesitation in recomending Kelly on to other smokers who need help with giving up.

Mado– Athlete, late 40′s (Sport injuries)
My GP referred me to Kelly when I asked what non-invasive treatment I could have for the repetitive strain injury in my elbow. I wanted to avoid having a cortosone injection and my GP said there was some evidence that acupuncture was effective in treating this kind of condition.On my first visit to Kelly she assessed me thoroughly and treated my injury, which I had many years ago. After the first visit I could already fell a substantial improvement in my elbow. After 6 treatments the improvement in my elbow was amazing! Kelly’s approach and professionalism are a step above the others. I sincerely recommend acupuncture as an alternative solution for this kind of condition. Kudos for Kelly Sun.

Davina – Student (Polycystic ovaries) (PCOS)
I have been seeing Kelly for 4 months. I am 21 years old and have had Polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS) for 6 years. Originally the doctors put me on the pill and I was on it for 2 years. It artificially started my periods but did nothing for the PCOS and I put on a lot of weight. They then put me on a high dose of metformin. My periods completely stopped and I was taking this for 4 years. I found it very hard to lose weight and my skin would get really bad at certain times. I was introduced to Kelly. Since seeing her I have had regular periods every month for the last 4 months. I have lost weight and stretch marks on my stomach have reduced dramatically.  My skin has cleared, I have more energy and have had more confidence and am not worried about not being able to conceive in the future. I really wish I had known about the benefits of acupuncture before. For any of you that have PCOS you know the effects on women aren’t nice and I really would recommend that you try it. Kelly is one of the most knowledgeable doctors I have met and you will feel at ease straight away. She is very understanding and genuinely cares. If she can help you she will and I really think acupuncture & cupping are amazing treatment.

Amy – Nanny 30′s (Severe hair loss)
I came to Kelly about 5 months ago to treat severe hair loss that I have been experiencing for over 10 years.  The leading dermatologists I had seen told me that my hair follicles are dead and my hair will never grow back.  I was considering having a hair transplant.  Since I have been seeing Kelly my hair has improved significantly.  Places where there was no hair and was considered to be ‘dead’ now has hair growing, which has been amazing to witness. Kelly has without a doubt shown me that what was considered to be impossible by Western Doctors standards is definitely possible for her.  I have no reservations in recommending her to anyone who is looking into acupuncture as a treatment.  Thanks Kelly!

Jean – Retired worker, early 60′sArthritis, Nodules and fluid on the lungs, Tiredness)
My arthritis was so bad that I was using a walking stick. I consulted Kelly Sun for pain relief and for the excruciating stabbing pains in my chest and back which had been diagnosed as nodules and fluid on my lungs. After the first Acupuncture treatment I felt much better and by the end of a course of six acupuncture sessions with her, my energy had returned, the arthritis had eased and the chest and back pain had eased. The hospital doctors told me that the nodules had shrunk from 11 millimetres to 4 millimetres and the fluid had gone. Although I don’t know exactly what caused this, I do know that the only treatment I was receiving at that time was from Kelly.

Judith – Engineer, early 50’s (Fluid retention in the legs)
I have long suffered from fluid retention in my lower legs and discoloration of the skin, especially around the ankle and I previously found the hot weather made my condition even more uncomfortable than it was. Doctors recommended the conventional medication of taking diuretic tables and advised me to wear support socks / stockings to improve the circulation. While this gave me some relief I sought something better.
Since receiving Acupuncture from Kelly Sun and just after five sessions there was a marked improvement in the coloring of the skin and it has also helped in reducing the swelling of my lower legs. I am really please with the progress.

Humera – Full Time Mother 48 Years old (Diabetic, dark eye circles, puffy eyes)
I am diabetic and had low energy levels, as well as puffy and dark circles around my eyes. I went to Kelly for advise and she recommended that I should have acupuncture sessions and take herbal medicine to help improve my condition. I have had 6 sessions so far and am very pleased with the results. The acupuncture has had a great effect on my puffy and dark eyes, which have nearly gone, and I feel that my energy levels have increased. I am very pleased with the results and recommend Kelly to anybody with low energy levels or puffy dark eye circles.

Margaret – Teacher, 50’s (Severe Migraine)
I began seeing Kelly almost a year ago for severe migraines.  After just a few sessions my headaches improved dramatically both in intensity and frequency – it has made an enormous difference to my life.  Kelly is very professional, she genuinely cares and always takes a very holistic view.