Case studies

Case Study A

A female patient aged 32 had acute sciatica pain from her lower back and both legs. She had suffered pain, then severe pain for approximately two weeks, and could not walk or lie down. The affected areas were the lower lumbar, sacral area, hips, both legs through the thigh, lower legs and feet.

The diagnosis was cold invasion in her lower back and legs caused Qi and blood stagnation in the affected areas, and kidney deficiency. After the first treatment the pain was relieved by about 60%, and she could walk, sit and lie down. She was advised not to hold her two year old baby for too long, as this may injure her back again. After three treatments the patient’s condition was nearly cured.

Case Study B

A 47 year old female doctor suffered for 5 months from irritability, hot flushes, night sweating, accompanied by poor circulation, sleep problems lower back pain and heavy irregular periods with few clots. She was diagnosed as being menopausal.

The TCM diagnosis was Kidney Yin deficiency with empty heat and blood stagnation. The treatment was twice a week. After two weeks she felt much better but continued to have mild night sweats. After three weeks of treatment her condition was stable and the night sweats stopped. She continued having treatment every two weeks to maintain the stabilisation.

Case Study C

A 28 year old female teacher had suffered with IBS since she was 21. She experienced extremely frequent diarrhoea, with bloating and cramping pain in her stomach, and felt tired and cold all the time.

The diagnosis was spleen Qi and stomach deficiency. She had treatment once a week and after two treatments her bowel movements were much less frequent, although still loose, she had more energy and no bloating or cramping. After 4 treatments her bowel movements were normal and reduced to 2/3 times per day and she no longer felt cold. After seven treatments she was fully recovered but continued treatment once a month for maintenance.